A note from the family of James D. Craig (Iobst):

We regret to post that James has passed away on August 21, 2018. We will miss him dearly and hope that you always keep him in your thoughts.

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Many new cd's are released,
but this one broke free under its own power.
"jc Variety Pak"
is a collection of 11 soundscapes.
From the 39 second "In Troll Duck Shun" to the 13 minute "Old Bones, Drones, & Blues",
these are pieces which require your attention and repeated listenings.
Catch your copy today!
" ... just magnificent! " - ES


"Memories of the Future"
An original 17 movement suite in a contemporary classic style. Playing time 60:23
Listen to it or live in it.
Reactions have been very positive, with comments like,
"music that encourages my free mind to go to the best of places,"
and "healing music."
(Like much classical music, "Memories of the Future" has a wide dynamic range.
It is best heard in a fairly quiet environment,
although the cassette's dynamics have been made a bit flatter than the cds'.
Turning up your player's volume should enhance your listening experience,
but be careful you don't damage your system with the loud passages,
such as from 1:41 through 1:45 of track 4 "Freedom!")


Arrangements - 30 tunes in 22 tracks. Playing time 69:57
"An amazing variety of styles." - SM

$14.95 for each cd
("Memories of the Future" cassettes available @ $9.95 each)
Special limited edition hand initialed cd
recorded by jc ~1980
over an hour of creepy sounds - continuous play
but marked into 14 tracks for easy access.
No fancy packaging or liner notes.
Spookify your home.
$9.95 each

"The jc Variety Pak Pack"
- special price - save $9.85 -
now $49.95 for all 4 discs.
Order yours today!


PA residents add 6% state sales tax on total.

These recordings can be purchased at Young's Music Store, a few other retail stores,
or by sending a check or money order to
Pam Iobst, 929 Overlook Rd., Whitehall PA 18052.

- limited time offer -
on US orders of 4 items of less.


Notes on jc's "Short Piece 111712"
performed for the Community Music School - Lehigh Valley (CMS) November 2012

John Cage (1912-1992) and Luigi Russolo (1883-1947)
are two of many major influences on me as a composer.
2012 being the 100th anniversary of Cage's birth
and the 99th year since Russolo's manifesto "The Art Of Noises",
it seemed like a good idea to use their theories in a special presentation for a CMS audience.
I was fortunate to recruit two of our fine teachers, Mr. Josh Klein and Ms. Rebekah Ruth.

(Aleatoric attack) The Short Piece begins with a 90 second recording of a car engine's noise,
a long ascending pick scrape on a bass's E string,
and descending slides of a diminished 5th on the bass's 2 high strings.
About 10 seconds into the recording, I began playing aggressive passages on bass
using mostly whole-tone scales and harmonies,
while Mr. Klein played his guitar through a Memory Man delay and effects unit.
(We both had the recording but did not rehearse with each other,
to insure the randomness of this first movement.)

(Cadenzas) At the end of the recording, Mr. Klein and I improvised on a set of seven chords
while Ms. Ruth came on stage. (Mr. Klein and I rehearsed this part.)

(Song) Our last chord was the cue for Ms. Ruth to begin singing one verse
of "Let the Rest of the World Go By".
(This part was rehearsed with Ms. Ruth.)

As a visualization of the piece, one could think of two boys bursting out into a noisy world,
and making even more noise on top of the din.
Our cadenzas begin to "organize" some musical structure on our instruments,
and Ms. Ruth's arrival begins the form of a closing song.

A member of our esteemed faculty stated that
it was the most "avant-garde" piece ever done for CMS.
I thought, "Welcome to the 20th Century".

coming soon - bio bits


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but we are still blessed and more fortunate than some others.
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